We drive Talent Transformation leading To Immediate Sales and Happier Teams

We’re the future-focused people in this room, so that your team can be the smartest people in the next room.

Futureproofd is a consultancy that helps sales organizations achieve business transformation through analysis, consulting, enablement and training – focused on the foundations that best shape the future.


Who we are

Beau Davis (he/him)


Professional: Beau helps create the frameworks, systems and processes that align teams towards change. 

Personal: A recovering college football player, he spends his free time biking, pretending to work out, and hanging with his daughters.


Carrie Kramer (She/her)

Focus: Head Trainer

Professional: Carrie develops the learning and training curriculum that transforms clients’ business.

Personal: A tried-and-true Midwesterner, she spends time with her family, travel, coffee, Peloton, and new recipes.

We’re just like you: facing business challenges in a changing work environment and competitive virtual landscape.  Thanks Apple, Google and remote work!

But teams who consciously, consistently make more room for the future in their business innovate in ways that are less about adapting and more about leading. Let’s talk, so you can lead.

Our Clients